​Reddit Takes a Stand Against Harassment

Redittors disagree with the updated community guidelines

​Put a Bear in Your Browser for Safety Reasons

TunnelBear came up with a "light weight" encryption proxy

​Netflix Wants to Take on the Chinese Market

Reed Hastings has discussed the expansion plans before

No One Is Making a Profit When Pirate Websites Are Raided, European Union Study Reveals

A new study has shown that raids are ineffective

​Ukraine Accuses Facebook of Siding with Russia

Ukrainian officials claim Facebook is supporting their enemy

​Zuckerberg Says Video Games Are Good for Kids

The CEO talked about the benefits of video games

​Facebook Debunks Internet.org Myths

Fact: Internet.org adresses "walled garden" claims

​Google Trends Incorporates YouTube Searches

Find out what videos are trending on YouTube

​Google Admits to Letting Authorities Tap In on Your Hangout Conversations

The company confirmed what most people already knew

​Brick Street View Turns Google Maps into Legoland

In case you ever wondered what the world would look like if it were made of small plastic Lego bricks

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