​Amazon Delivers Goods Faster by Subway

The e-commerce site has come up with an unique idea

​Twitter Merge Helps You Send Bulk Tweets

The creator recommends it for business invitations

This Website Allows Students to Grade Their Professors

Students have to take into account several criteria

​Facebook Is Losing Its Credibility as a Marketing Tool

Businesses are heading towards more productive social sites

​Alibaba Introduces Dotless Visual Codes to Combat Counterfeiting

The upgrade was revealed after news of a lawsuit surfaced

​Teens Decided: YouTube Is the Coolest Social Media Platform

YouTube managed to surpass Facebook in terms of popularity

​Bing to Launch Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm

Microsoft's search engine takes after Google

​Reddit Takes a Stand Against Harassment

Redittors disagree with the updated community guidelines

​Put a Bear in Your Browser for Safety Reasons

TunnelBear came up with a "light weight" encryption proxy

​Netflix Wants to Take on the Chinese Market

Reed Hastings has discussed the expansion plans before

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