Twitter Cracks Down on Journalist Turned Troll

Twitter suspends a prolific troll's account

The Proper Way of Embedding Social Sharing Links

Learn to embed social sharing buttons the correct way

​Twitter Opens Learning Center for the Homeless

The project is meant to help the underprivileged

​Netflix Billing Blunder Sparks Users’s Anger

Users claimed that they had been overcharged

Replace Multiple WordPress Plugins with Just One

Gain more time while developing by choosing the right plugin

​Amazon to Start Paying Taxes in European Countries

Amazon puts an end to its tax-avoidance strategy

Basic Commands for npm (Node.js Package Manager)

Get started with the basic Node.js & npm commands

How Static Site Generators Work

The basic principles, advantages and disadvantages behind static site generators and their technology

How to Add Custom Menus in WordPress

Learn to add more menus than your WP theme supports

Firefox to Display Targeted Ads in Live Tiles

The feature will soon land in the Beta branch

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