How Static Site Generators Work

The basic principles, advantages and disadvantages behind static site generators and their technology

How to Add Custom Menus in WordPress

Learn to add more menus than your WP theme supports

Tips on Creating One-Page Websites with the ScrollMenu jQuery Plugin

Put together beautiful, responsive portfolios with an immersive and highly-interactive vertical scrolling experience

There's a Way for Search Engines to Crawl JavaScript Websites and Applications

Until Google officially announces it can crawl content rendered through JavaScript, Prerender is the best solution yet

​Defendant Spends Quality Time on Facebook While Awaiting Verdict

The accused wanted to keep his Facebook friends informed

​Google Patents In-Conversation Googling

The patent would allow texting to go smoother

AJAX Operations Reduced to a Few HTML5 Attributes

Simplify your AJAX code with intercooler.js

​Facebook Buys and Shuts Down Tugboat Yards

The website helped publishers earn money off their creations

​Google Confirms Search Ranking Algorithm Changes

The search engines confirmed a significant update

WordPress Acquires WooCommerce, What Does That Mean?

Chasing dreams of online e-commerce, Automattic buys WooCommerce plugin and the team behind it, WooThemes

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