Yahoo Claims Partial Disagree with ALEC, Still a Member

Yahoo periodically reviews the organizations with which it participates, but didn't say whether they've severed ties

PRISM: Yahoo Was Threatened with Fine of $250,000 per Day by the US Government

Since Yahoo was unwilling to cooperate with the US government, they put pressure on the company to make sure it complied

Yahoo Tests Out New Search Engine Interface

The search results pages are going to be a little more eye-catching soon

Yahoo Buys Flurry to Improve Mobile Products

Yahoo has bought one of the biggest mobile analytics firms out there

Yahoo Reports Poor Quarterly Results, Says Transition Period Takes Years

As Yahoo continues to switch things up, the financial results aren't that great

Yahoo Shuts Down a Bunch of Tools to Focus on Tumblr and Flickr

Yahoo has decided to redirect employee focus on several important tools

Yahoo Reports Microscopic Growth for the Year's First Quarter

Yahoo's revenue has grown 1% over last year's results

Heartbleed: Yahoo Patches Up OpenSSL Vulnerability for Its Sites

Yahoo sites are now safe after the bug has been patched

Yahoo Wants Original Video Content, Just like Netflix [WSJ]

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer hopes to announce a deal by the end of April

Yahoo Encrypts Traffic Between Data Centers

A new, encrypted Yahoo Messenger is also in the works

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