​Yahoo Launches Autoplay Video Ads

The company wants to attract more advertisers

​Yahoo’s Quarterly Profits Are Disappointing

The company failed to meet expectations once again

Yahoo in Talks to Buy Foursquare

Rumor has it that Yahoo wants to buy another mobile app

​Yahoo Might Be Giving Up on Bing

The branding has vanished from mobile searches

​Is Yahoo’s On-Demand Password a Bad Move?

Opinions are divided amongst tech experts regarding the safety of the newly-released Yahoo enhancement

Flickr Takes Wall Art Photo Printing Service Global, but Is It Worth It?

Flickr's service is nice, but many offer the same

Yahoo Wants to Invest in Snapchat, Hopes for the Next Alibaba [WSJ]

Yahoo wants to invest some $20 million in the messaging app

Yahoo Shuts Down Education, Qwiki and Directory

Yahoo is cleaning house and shutting down more services

Yahoo's Transparency Report: 18,594 Requests for 30,551 Accounts

The first semester of the year hasn't been too busy

Yahoo Decides to Cut Ties with ALEC, Goes from “Maybe” to “Certainly” in Half a Day

Yahoo reviewed its connection to ALEC quite fast

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