Sell Scripts Online with CodeCanyon

Envato releases another marketplace to the world

Java 5 Reaches EOSL

Two Java platforms discontinued by Sun

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 8.0

Which should become available next month

Get a Free Pro Account at Photobucket with McDonalds

Photobucket users can try out three months' worth of a Pro Account

Adobe Scene7 Goes to Asia Pacific

APAC e-commerce companies gain cross-channel branding

Adobe Purchases Omniture For Its Web Analytics Capabilities

The acquisition will increase the growth potential for both companies

W3C Issues New Draft for XMLHttpRequest Specifications

New AJAX specifications published by W3C WebApps Working Group

Doctype, a Q&A Website for Web Designers

Litmus launches Doctype, a community Q&A knowledge website

WordPress 2.8.4 Fixes a Security Vulnerability

The bug was discovered yesterday

Perl 6 Coming Soon

A first draft for Perl 6 will be released with Rakudo Star in the spring of 2010

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