Bitcasa Drops Infinite Storage, Urges Users to Move Data to New Platform

Cloud storage service Bitcasa is making some changes

Mozilla Could End Up Integrating Tor into Firefox for Added Privacy

The ultimate privacy tool could end up one button away for Firefox users, keeping away the prying eyes of the NSA

Encrypted Email Service Tutanota Invites Anyone to Check the Code for Backdoors, Bugs

Tutanota offers end-to-end encryption in an easy-to-use interface

Mozilla's In-Browser Ads Are Now Live in Firefox Nightly

The ads are delivered via a new tile page that users can opt out of

Google and Amazon's Price War Pushes Smaller Cloud Storage Services to Change Business Model [NYT]

Box, Dropbox and Hightail are in a tough spot as the two giants keep lowering prices

Rhapsody Hits 2 Million Paying Subscribers, Takes unRadio to France

Rhapsody is lagging behind competitors such as Spotify

Netflix Wants Personalized Recommendations Instead of Current Interface

The “shelves” of movies on Netflix’s page could soon vanish

With No Other Way Out, Mozilla Will Enable HTML5 DRM in Firefox

Mozilla's Firefox will fall in line with other browsers, deploy new DRM

Alibaba Adds New Data Center in Hong Kong

Alibaba's cloud computing business is growing and has big plans for the future

Mozilla Nixes Plans to Display Ads in Firefox

No more Firefox ads, says Mozilla in response to user protests

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