Layers Is Probably the Best WordPress Page Builder to Date

A WordPress theme framework packaged with one of the most advanced page layout building mechanisms ever released

How to Handle Client Invoicing via WordPress

Create and issue invoices from the WordPress backend

Responsive Hero Images, the Easy Way

Insert a big hero image in your page's header that resizes and realigns along with your browser window

Test and Detect Frontend Code Quality and Performance

Yellow Lab Tools can analyze frontend code quality, overall page performance and profile complex JavaScript code

Downgrade to Any WordPress Plugin or Theme Version

WP Rollback is a plugin that simplifies theme and plugin version management for older WordPress installs

Caching Web Fonts to HTML5 LocaStorage Improves Page Load Times

Keep a copy of your custom fonts in the user's browser, and force them to load them instead whenever possible

AJAX Operations Reduced to a Few HTML5 Attributes

Simplify your AJAX code with intercooler.js

How to Improve the WordPress Built-in Code Editor

Take the pain out of working with WordPress code editor

Installing Node.js on Windows, the Rundown

A step-by-step guide for getting Node.js installed and properly prepared for your daily development routine

Chrome Marks uTorrent Download as Malicious, Blocks It

Google suggests the uTorrent site may have been hacked, but there's no confirmation

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