Safer Online Browsing with Opera

Opera acquires an online privacy company called SurfEasy

Bing Rolls Out Emoji Support for Mobile Users

Bing users can now search the Internet by using emojis

Microsoft's Search Engine Bing Gets Some of Apple's Data via Spotlight Search

Microsoft won't get user IPs, but it will get enough information to know what cities people live in

China Blocks Privacy-Loving Search Engine DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the private search engine that holds no user data, which is probably what annoyed the Chinese authorities

DuckDuckGo Rolls Out Settings Page Design

The search engine is making it easier for users to handle all the privacy settings

Yandex Buys, Will Insert Car Ads in Its Search Engine

Yandex has made a big investment this week, betting on the automotive industry

Bing Gains Are Offset by Yahoo Losses in February

Google's position won't be challenged any time soon by Bing-powered search

Bing Asks Users to Link Their Online Profiles Together

It provides a curated profiles page, but it's too much hassle for most users

Google Continues to Grow, Bing-Powered Search Shrinks for Another Month

Yahoo Search continues to bleed users in January, losing 0.4 percentage points

Bing's Aurora Borealis Video Highlights HTML5 Video Issues

There are two copies of the video to ensure that all browsers can play it

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