​Twitter Urges Chinese Companies to Tweet Their Way to Globalization

The company took part in CES Asia in Shanghai

​Europe Disagrees with UK’s Default Block on Porn

Europe could prevent UK from implementing the changes

​Twitter Lays $1 (€0.91) Billion on the Line for Flipboard

The company is seemingly interested in the mobile app

​Alibaba to Start Endorsing Local Brands Reuters

The e-commerce company takes a step forward in its fight against counterfeit goods listed on the site

Twitter Cracks Down on Journalist Turned Troll

Twitter suspends a prolific troll's account

​Twitter Opens Learning Center for the Homeless

The project is meant to help the underprivileged

California Man Starts "Grand Theft Uber" Campaign

The man accuses Uber co-founder of idea theft

​Netflix Wants to Take on the Chinese Market

Reed Hastings has discussed the expansion plans before

No One Is Making a Profit When Pirate Websites Are Raided, European Union Study Reveals

A new study has shown that raids are ineffective

​Alibaba Wants to Go Global

The new CEO put forward his project of expanding the company

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