Benchmark Gets a Small Stake in Facebook with FriendFeed Acquisition

Estimated at $32.5 million in Facebook stock at the $6.5 million valuation Raises $14 Million in a Third Round of Funding

Company revenue is up eight times

Boxee Raises Another $6 Million in Funding

Bringing the total amount to $10 million

MyWebGrocer Raises $13 Million in a First Round of Funding

The company is already profitable

Fortinet Files for $100 Million IPO

The second tech-related IPO in just one week

Facebook App Developer Secures Investor Funding

After their first title has become very popular on the social network

SB Nations Gets $7 Million in Second-Round Funding

From several leading venture capital firms

Ad Market Headed for Small Recovery in 2010

While the outlook for 2009 is more pessimistic

Netscape Cofounder Launches New Venture Fund

Marc Andreessen along with long-time partner Ben Horowitz set up a $300 million fund

Internet Impact on Economy

The Internet industry creates millions of jobs in the United States

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