WordPress Acquires WooCommerce, What Does That Mean?

Chasing dreams of online e-commerce, Automattic buys WooCommerce plugin and the team behind it, WooThemes

Amazon Coins Expands to France, Spain and Italy

Amazon is giving away free Coins worth millions of Euros to start things up

Dogecoin Vault Is Down Under Possible Attack UPDATE

The Dogecoin wallet could be another victim to cyber robbers

Bitcoins Are Welcome Donations for Political Committees

It is now completely OK to donate Bitcoins to political committees in the US

Alibaba Files for Public IPO

The Chinese e-commerce is finally making good on the IPO promise

MIT Students to Receive $100 in BTC

The plan is to make all students familiar with cryptocurrencies

Mt. Gox Is Presumably Dead, Some 744,000 Bitcoins May Have Been Stolen

The entire Bitcoin package is worth over $350 million at Monday's trade value

Mt. Gox Says Bitcoin Withdrawals to Resume Soon

No exact timeline was provided, but the fix is already being installed

Twitter Has over 241 Million Monthly Users, Most Revenue Comes from Advertising

Twitter's earnings report for the last quarter of 2013 is out

Yahoo's Revenue Goes Down, Profit Goes Up in Last Quarter of 2013

Yahoo had a hot and cold final quarter of 2013, the latest earnings report reveals

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