Kickstarter: Catopsys Intros Immersis Group Virtual Reality Technology

The technology can adapt an image to the size of a room

NZXT Reveals Device That Can Stream Anything to Your TV

Say goodbye to all those pesky STB limitations

4K Films Finally Coming to HDDs and Blu-ray Disks

They will be playable even on game consoles

CES 2015: Sony Releases Cheap 4K Projector Next to One That Costs $50K

If you're out of ideas on how to spruce up your home theater

CES 2015: Panasonic Intros World's First 4K Blu-Ray Player

Not a bad way to push the multimedia sector forward

Slingbox M1 Streaming Box Uses Wi-Fi to Send TV to Your Phone and Tablet

It can also be configured using the Android/iOS app now as well

Boxee Joins Samsung, Shuts Down Beta Cloud DVR on July 10

Users will lose access to existing recordings on that day

3D TV Was a Bust After All, Officially Shut Down

There may be new attempts later, but so far no dice

Intel Has So Far Failed to Get Any TV Contracts Reuters

That 75% cable premium is more or less useless, bizarrely enough

First Carrier-Supplied Wireless TV Receiver Released by Bell

It has been launched in Canada and can stream over the air

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