Ad Network MadAdsMedia Server Compromised, Redirects to Nuclear Exploit Kit

Flash Player flaw exploited, final payload is Carberp Trojan

WordPress Websites Targeted by Credential Leak Campaign

Users are unaware of the credential theft

Fort Riley Private Accused of Stealing Soldiers’ Identities

Former soldier faces harsh prison penalty and huge fines

Adobe to Deliver Critical Patches for Reader and Acrobat

Update priority rating is not the highest

Lavaboom Secure Email Service Opens to the Public

25,000 users on the waiting list to receive invite codes

AlphaCrypt Crypto-Malware Looks like TeslaCrypt, Behaves like CryptoWall

File backups are the best protection against ransomware

WordPress 4.2.2 Fixes DOM-Based XSS Bug Affecting Millions of Websites

Flaw can be repaired manually, bug is exploited in the wild

Crypto-Malware Masquerades as a Resume

Malicious message is short and concise, appears legitimate

Millions of WordPress Websites Susceptible to Hijack Attacks

Attacks recorded before the disclosure of the vulnerability

Fake 50 Cent Facebook Page Gathers 140,000 Likes

Popularity increases with posts about bogus cash prizes

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