“Advanced Power” Botnet Uses Zombies to Check Websites for SQL Injection

Over 12,500 computers have already been infected

NSA: Foreign Country Developed BIOS Malware Designed to Destroy Computers

Experts believe that the story might be a bit exaggerated

Serious Vulnerability in Safari Exposes User Passwords

Kaspersky researchers have notified Apple of the security hole

App That Claims to Notify Users of Bitcoin Market Changes Hides RAT

The RAT is designed to help its masters steal Bitcoins

Researchers Spot 64-Bit Version of ZeuS Malware

The new threat is capable of communicating via the Tor network

Trojans Installed on Computers of Poker Players Give the Attackers an Edge

F-Secure experts provide a perfect example of what's called a Sharking attack

Experts Warn of New Banking Trojan Neverquest

The threat is capable of targeting the customers of numerous organizations

Atrax: Cybercrime Kit Capable of Stealing Data, Launching DDOS, Mining for Bitcoins

The main Atrax component costs only $250 (€184)

Experts Warn of an Increase in the Usage of Blackshades RAT

It's author was reportedly arrested and its source code was leaked

Decrypting Files Encrypted by CryptoLocker Now Costs 0.5 Bitcoins

Bitdefender has released a small tool that prevents the ransomware from encrypting files

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