Icefog Cybercriminals Use Java Backdoor to Target US Organizations

Researchers found an interesting piece of malware after the bad guys shut down operations

Scam Emails Distribute Malware That Steals Bitcoins from Bitcoin-Qt Users

Victims are led to believe that they've received a wallet containing 30 BTC

Malware Stole Data from Computer at Japanese Nuclear Power Plant

An employee downloaded a rogue video playback program

Sophos Confirms Devastating Blow to ZeroAccess Botnet

The number of infections has decreased considerably

Yahoo Hacked, 2.5 Million European Users Possibly Infected with Malware

The malware has been served through malicious advertisements

Malware on USB Drives Used to Empty ATMs

Researchers have analyzed a threat that targets certain machines running Windows XP

CERT Poland Warns of DDOS Botnet Targeting Windows and Linux Machines

Linux machines are likely targeted because they're usually servers with a lot of bandwidth

Browlock Cybercriminals Use Malvertising to Lure Victims to Malicious Site

Symantec has blocked 650,000 connections in November

Fake Antiviruses and Infostealers Increasingly Rely on Stolen Digital Certificates

Microsoft says the certificates belong to various software developers

MisoSMS Mobile Botnet Used in at Least 64 Spyware Campaigns

FireEye researchers have analyzed the threat and even helped in disrupting it

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