Advanced Android Remote Access Trojan Aimed at Hong Kong Protesters

Operators offer malicious app claiming to be from Code4HK

Air-Gapped Networks Can Be Hacked from Afar

Ben Gurion University security researchers demonstrate the attack

San Jose Police Might Tap into People’s Security Cameras to Solve Crimes

A councilman has made the proposition in an effort to make the city safer

Russia Accused of Conducting Global Cyber Espionage Campaign

A group dubbed Energetic Bear is stealing sensitive information for Russia's economic gain

EFF Staff, AP Journalist and Activists Targeted in Vietnamese Espionage Campaign

The EFF has analyzed some of the attacks apparently carried out by state-sponsored actors

UAE Concerned About Backdoors in US-Made Components of French Satellites

The $930 million (€683 million) deal might fall through

Blue Coat Surveillance Devices Used in Iran, Syria and Sudan, Experts Find

Citizen Lab has published a comprehensive report on the topic

iOS and Android Apps Are Equally Intrusive, Bitdefender Study Shows

The IT security firm has used its Clueful technology to analyze mobile applications

Motorola Phones Silently Send User Data, Passwords to Company’s Servers

Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and YouTube credentials are collected

Android Apps That Ask Permission to Collect Excess Data Are as Bad as Ones That Actually Collect It

Bitdefender has published a new study based on the company's Clueful technology

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