Mayhem Botnet Relies on Shellshock Exploit to Expand

Security researchers are not surprised by this attack

Phishers Abuse Microsoft Azure to Target PayPal, Apple, and Visa Customers

Experts say the cybercriminals are relying on the free 30-day trial

Silk Road Backup Server Allegedly Hosted with Small Pennsylvania Company [NYT]

The FBI believes the backup contains a lot of useful information

Cybercriminals Abuse Network Time Protocol for DDOS Attacks

Symantec researchers have spotted an increase in the number of such attacks

Companies Falsely Believe Servers Don’t Need Antivirus Protection, Experts Warn

Gill Langston of ThreatTrack Security shares some insight on the topic

Financial Exchange Platform Hit by 167 Gbps DNS Reflection DDOS Attack

Prolexic has managed to mitigate the massive cyberattack

BIND DNS Servers Vulnerable to Denial of Service Attacks

Remotely exploitable bug discovered in the popular DNS software

New OpenSSH Exploit Possibly Used in the Wild

Experts urge users to upgrade to the latest version

Web Servers in Danger from Low Bandwidth HTTP DoS

New attack capable of rendering web servers unresponsive with ease

Barracuda Web Application Firewall 860 and 960 Launched

Will provide enterprise protection against malicious attacks

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