Hacker Collective Anonymous Promises to Take Down Missouri Government and Bank Sites

Threat delivered in protest to Ferguson grand jury verdict

Chinese Electronic Cigarettes Have Malware Planted in the Charger

IT security team has trouble identifying the attack vector

Five Arrested in UK for Using Remote Access Trojans

A total of 15 individuals have been arrested across Europe

Intel and Europol Sign Agreement on Fight Against Cybercrime

The EC3 pool of threat intelligence gets bigger and bigger

Romanian Teenagers Deface Police Website, Get Arrested

Hackers attacked servers of 20 police departments

Legit Windows Phone Apps Can Be Replaced by Malicious Ones Through Copy/Paste

Rogue app runs with the same permissions as the target

Exploit for Vulnerability in Belkin Router Integrated in Metasploit

The company released a patch for the flaw

HealthCare.gov Tested by White-Hats Before November Enrollment [AP]

Officials say new security upgrades are in place

Europol Benefits from Mnemonic Intelligence and Capabilities

EC3 adds another private company on the “friends” list

Brazil and China Lead in List of Government Websites Hosting Phishing Pages

Study suggests that countries with a fast growing economy are also most likely to fail at securing web infrastructure

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