Privilege Escalation Glitch Found in Toshiba Software

Company urges users to update their software

Thumb Drive Supposed to Get to Secure Location Gets Lost, SSN of 5,300 Could Be Exposed

College rep does not believe device was stolen

Cruise Planners Hacked, Personal Customer Info Exposed

Some of the details were encrypted on the affected machine

Phone Scam Switches to Electrical Bill Problems

Victims asked to deliver code of pre-paid cards

Face Ageing App Distributed on Facebook Hijacks Account

Demo picture shows face aged by 20 years

CSIS Security Group Warns of Fake Emails Using Its Name

Malicious archive attached, poses as malware cleaning tool

HP Buys Voltage Security, Provider of Data Encryption Solutions

The deal is expected to close by May 30, 2015

Apache Tomcat Patched Against Request Smuggling Glitch

Vulnerability closed almost nine months after initial report

Website of European Parliament President Hacked

Hackers post images proving the cyber-attack

Employee Info Leaked at Non-Profit Phoenix House

Insider accesses sensitive data without authorization

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