419 Scam Alert: You’ve Won a Car and Money on the BMW Lottery

Here's an email that might land in your inbox these days

US Department of Labor Site Hacked, Directs Visitors to Malware

AlienVault experts are currently analyzing the attack

Brazilian Hackers Deface Several Official Ferrari Websites

A total of 10 domains and subdomains have been affected by the hack

Avast Acquires Secure.me

By acquiring the privacy company, Avast gains new core technologies

Umbraco Releases Versions 4.11.8 and 6.0.5 to Fix Two Major Security Holes

Patches have also been published for every release from the past 3 years

Splunk Launches Splunk App for Enterprise Security 2.4

Splunk believes statistical analysis is the new weapon of the security warrior

Anonymous Hackers Ask Columbus Catholic Diocese to Reinstate Gay Teacher

The hackers say the diocese broke anti-discrimination laws

Vulnerabilities in D-Link IP Cameras Can Be Used to Capture Video Streams

D-Link has prepared firmware patches to address the security holes

German Ministry Cleans Up Malware Infection by Throwing PCs in the Trash

A court says the ministry lacks basic IT security concepts

Another “Facebook Profile Viewer” Scam Making the Rounds

Victims are tricked into handing over their authentication tokens

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