Rails Machine Pulls Plug on Pastie.org After 2 DDOS Attacks

The site's owner seeks help for reinstating the service

Nissan Confirms Being Hacked, User IDs and Password Hashes Leaked (Updated)

The company's vice president issued a video statement regarding the incident

UGNazi Hackers Launch DDOS Attacks on CIA, DOJ Sites to Protest CISPA

The black hats continue to protest against the new controversial bill

Los Alamos National Lab, Photography Masters Cup Sites Hacked

Team Dig7tal hacks to protest against the government and to show site vulnerabilities

“Safest Trading Platform in India” Navia Hacked by Hitcher (Video)

The hacker defaced two of the site's subdomains to post protest messages

Anonymous Take Down Formula 1 Site to Protest Against Bahrain Race

The attack was part of the operation called OpBahrain

Operation Blitzkrieg: Extremists Offer Reward for Information on Hackers

Anonymous hackers are more determined than ever to attack Nazis

Operation Defense: Boeing Site Attacked by Anonymous, More to Follow

Anonymous has made the list of future targets available

Hacker Claims Breach on Chinese Military Contractor CEIEC

One of the documents contains information that's publicly available

Romanian Government Portal Defaced by Anonymous, President Mocked

The hackers posted amusing pictures to mock Traian Basescu

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