Hackers Leak Data Allegedly Stolen from Chinese Chamber of Commerce Website

The attackers exploited an SQL Injection vulnerability to gain access to the data

Adobe Hackers Breach Limo Company, Steal Details of 850,000 Customers

Celebrities, executives and lawmakers are impacted by the incident

Anonymous Philippines Hacks and Disrupts Tens of Government Websites

Government officials urge the hackers to stop launching cyberattacks

Anonymous Launches Op Against Singapore Government, Hacks Straits Times Site

The hackers are protesting against the implementation of an Internet licensing framework

Anonymous Ukraine Launches OpIndependence, Attacks European Investment Bank

A number of Polish and Russian websites have been defaced

MongoHQ Hacked, the Incident Is Connected to the Buffer Breach

The hackers gained access to databases after stealing an employee's credentials

Anonymous Hackers Threaten Maryville for Letting Abusers Off the Hook

The hacktivists demand an investigation into the way local authorities handled the case

Bitdefender and ESET Domains Hijacked by KDMS Team

The pro-Palestinian hackers say they'll continue their attacks

Avira Confirms Network Solutions Has Been Hacked

Here's how the attackers gained access to DNS records

AVG Website Apparently Hacked by Palestinian Group (Updated)

It's the same hacker group that targeted hosting provider LeaseWeb

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