Syrian Electronic Army Attacks Washington Post Mobile Site

Hackers serve propaganda to newspaper's visitors

Dutch Judge Says Russian Hacker Can Be Extradited to the US

Along with others, Drinkman caused losses of at least $300M

Wall Charger Steals Keystrokes from Microsoft Wireless Keyboards

And it also sends them over the Internet to a remote machine

Rex Mundi Hackers Blackmail Swiss Bank

Hackers demand 10,000 EUR to keep stolen data private

Lizard Squad Members Get Arrested

The group continues its denial-of-service business

4Chan Website Taken Down by DDoS Attack via Lizard Stresser Updated

The booter is famous for taking down PSN, Xbox Live

BrowserStack Hacked, Attacker Sends Email Pointing Out Security Fails

Poor password policy claims, hacker announces shutdown

iPhone 6 Can Be Unlocked with Fake Fingerprints, Just like the 5S Model

Year-old Touch ID fingerprint hack works on latest iPhones

Hackers Claim Attack on Largest Commercial Bank in Ukraine

Privatbank denies cyber-attack, despite sporadic access to the website

Havex RAT Aims at Industrial Control Systems

Trojanized ICS software available straight from the manufacturer

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