Parking Ticket Details of 10,000 Leaked Online

Database could be viewed online or saved as a spreadsheet

Employees of Point Loma Nazarene University Fall Victim to Phishing, Personal Data Exposed

Financial details, CVV among them, have also been exposed

Detailed Tax Information of Rich and Famous Canadians Leaked by Canada Revenue Agency

Affected individuals are to be informed about the incident

Backoff POS Malware Confirmed for Dairy Queen Breach, Almost 400 Stores Impacted

Company is confident that the malware has been eliminated

Largest US Bond Insurer Suffers Major Data Leak

Confidential information was available through search engine

Data Leak Reported with Five-Month Delay by Touchstone Medical Imaging

Complimentary identity theft protection services offered

Hackers Breach Chinese Embassy in Moscow, Reveal How Russia Spied on Ukraine

The details of 100,000 Intertelecom customers have been leaked

Hackers Steal Details of Thousands of Individuals from Archdiocese of Seattle

The crooks are using the stolen information to file fraudulent tax returns

John Hopkins University Breached, Blackmailed by Anonymous Hackers

The hacktivists said they were only trying to scare the university

Syrian Electronic Army Leaks Details of over 1 Million Forbes Readers

Forbes advises users to change their passwords following hacktivist attack

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