The Originals: Astronomers Spy on 13-Billion-Year-Old Stars

The fiery orbs came into being soon after the Big Bang

Come June 2, NASA Will Launch a Donut-like Flying Saucer into Space

The craft will launch from a US Navy base in the Pacific

Distant Galaxy Looks like the Love Child of a Butterfly and a Lobster

NGC 6240 formed when two galaxies merged with one another

“Nasty” Star Is Probably the Result of Cosmic Cannibalism

The star is one of a kind in our Milky Way, astronomers say

US Air Force Space Plane Scheduled for Launch This Wednesday, May 20

The mission is so secretive that even NASA is utterly and completely clueless about the space plane's flight agenda

NASA's New Horizons Probe Might Deliver Earth Selfie to Aliens

Space enthusiasts want to beam a crowdsourced message to the probe, hope aliens will one day decipher it

Astronomers See Cosmic “Dinosaur Egg” Getting Ready to Hatch

New study in the Astrophysical Journal announces the discovery of massive and extremely dense cloud of molecular gas

Out-of-Control Russian Spaceship Turned Fireball Crashes Back to Earth

The Russian cargo ship launched on April 28, went haywire and crashed into the Pacific just a few hours ago

Pieces of Russian Cargo Ship Lost in Space Might Hit Us Friday, May 8

Although the ship is expected to burn up in the atmosphere, some bits and pieces of it could fall on Earth

Monster Solar Flare Documented on the Surface of the Sun

The flare peaked at 6:11 p.m. EDT on May 5, was powerful enough to upset radio signals across the Pacific region

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