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The simplest way is to eat more veggies and exercise

NASA Gears Up for Europa Mission

The agency wants to search for life on this moon of Jupiter

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Time-lapse video shows bees turning from eggs into translucent larvae and then finally into buzzing youngsters

Bizarre Bright Spots on Ceres Imaged in Unprecedented Detail

They've been looking at them for weeks now, and yet scientists have no idea what these bright spots might be

These Days, Goldfish Have a Better Attention Span than We Do

Microsoft study finds the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013

Watch: Here's What Living on Mars Would Be Like for Us Humans

Science video explains how life on the Red Planet would differ from life down here on our good old Earth

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Science video explains why our fingers and toes form a whole lot of wrinkles when we swim or take a long bath

75-Million-Year-Old Fossil Belongs to New Dinosaur Species

When found in New Mexico, US, in 1999, the fossilized skull fragment was wrongly assumed to belong to a known species

Watch: Keep an Egg in Vinegar to Turn It into a Rubbery Toy

Here's are a few super cool science experiments you can do at home and have loads of fun while you're at it

A Simple Piece of String Can Tell You If You Should Diet

Researchers reveal a new way for people to figure out whether they should lose some weight with the help of a string

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