Nearly 2,000-Year-Old Roman Jewelry Found Under Store in the UK

The jewelry likely belonged to a wealthy woman who buried it during a violent riot

Mosaic Dating Back to the 4th Century BC Uncovered in Greece

The mosaic adorns the floor paving the entrance to an Alexander the Great-era tomb

Stonehenge Was Once a Full Circle, New Evidence Indicates

Odd pattenrs in the ground suggest the monument was once a circle

1,500-Year-Old Papyrus Hailed as One of the Earliest Christian Charms

The papyrus fragment contains references to the Last Supper and manna from heaven

Over 39,000-Year-Old Engravings Could Be Neanderthal Cave Art

The engravings were not too long ago discovered in a cave in Gibraltar

Previously Unknown Monuments Are Hidden Under Stonehenge

New evidence indicates there is more to Stonehenge and its surroundings than meets the eye

Ötzi the Iceman Was Genetically Predisposed to Heart Disease

This explains why the 5,300-year-old mummy shows signs of hardened arteries

Bodies of Ancient Warriors Were Horrifically Desecrated After Death

Researchers believe that the desecration occurred during a bizarre religious act

Mystery Surrounding Ship Found at World Trade Center Site Finally Solved

The 18th century ship was likely built at a small shipyard close to Philadelphia

Over 700,000-Year-Old Artifacts Unearthed in South Africa

The artifacts, found in the Northern Cape province, date back to the Early Stone Age

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