Hair Grows Faster and Thicker in Space, Experiments Reveal

Mice sent to the ISS return to Earth hairier

1 in 20 People Has Hallucinated at Least Once in Their Life

If not you, then for sure one of your friends

Watch: World's Most Powerful Engine Being Built

It's engines like this one that will launch people to Mars

Researcher: Just like Us Humans, Dinosaurs Were Warm-Blooded

This explains why they were vigorous, fast-growing creatures

Zapping the Brain Can Address Schizophrenia Symptoms, Study Finds

Just a weak electric charge would do, researchers say

The Originals: Astronomers Spy on 13-Billion-Year-Old Stars

The fiery orbs came into being soon after the Big Bang

Herpes Successfully Used to Treat Skin Cancer

A herpes-based cancer drug could become available in 2016

Scientists Mummify Human Leg in Bizarre and Twisted Experiment

They simply wanted to know how it was done in Ancient Egypt

Come June 2, NASA Will Launch a Donut-like Flying Saucer into Space

The craft will launch from a US Navy base in the Pacific

Early Brain Surgery Was Borderline Macabre

Haunting photos show brain surgery's first patients

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