FlyGestures: Slick Mouse Gesture Listener

What's wrong with the keyboard?

FlySketch: Screen Overlay Drawing Tool

Highlight and send with just a few clicks...

Parsnips, Personal Information Manager Focused On Seach Capabilities

Not everyone will like it, but those who do will love it

Amnesty, the Missing Link Between Konfabulator and Dashboard

Use widgets without Tiger and place them on the desktop...

CandyBar: Icon Goodness without the Calories

Perfect for changing all the system icons in one fell swoop

iNetCourier: Web-Based FTP Server

Most Mac-like FTP server I've seen so far...

iStock: Have Stock Quotes Delivered to Your Desktop

It even has the little ticker and everything...

CuteFTP: A Great Crossover FTP Client

It really lives up to its name...

Pando: A New Take On Sharing

If this service catches on, it will really be something...

DragThing: An Older New Take On Docks

Does it have any place in OS X?

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