Memory Monitor Review - RAM Optimizer That Really Works

Monitor, analyze, and optimize your Mac’s memory usage

Hear Review - Sound As You Never Heard It Before

Massively improve your Mac's audio output quality

Andy Review - Run Android Apps on Your Mac

Creates a Linux virtual machine that can host Android apps

Unified Remote Review - All-Encompassing Remote Control for Your Computer

Remotely control your Mac with the help of a smartphone

Slack Review - Versatile Communication Tool for Your Team

Create a transparent workspace where all your team members have direct access to details related to an ongoing project

LastPass Review - Everything You Want from a Password Manager

It stores the credentials for all your accounts, generates strong passwords and automatically fills forms and log-ins

Pixelmator Review – A Well-Thought-Out and User-Oriented Image Editing App for Everyday Use

It enables you to edit, enhance and repair your photos with the help of drawing tools and image effects

Pocket Review – Save Interesting Web Content for Later

It makes it easy to view your "pocketed" articles, pictures and videos online or offline using your Mac

Fluid Review – Create Desktop Apps for Your Favorite Websites

Build desktop apps for any web service without any hustle

Focusky – An Intuitive and Versatile Presentation Maker for Everyday Use

Enables you to quickly create animated presentations

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