Shocking Video Showing Great White Shark Attacking a Boat Goes Viral

The terrifying footage was shot in the waters off the coast of New Zealand by researchers working on documentary film

Man Establishes Brand New Country in Europe, Calls It Liberland

Europe's new country sits between Serbia and Croatia, covers an area of about 7 square kilometers (2.7 square miles)

Flawless 100-Carat Diamond Fetches over $22M (€20.5M) at Auction

The rare colorless gem was mined in South Africa, shows no cracks, impurities or other imperfections

First Ever Full Head Transplant Is “Imminent,” Surgeon Claims

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero actually wants to chop off a man's head and try to fit it onto another body

Computer Refuses to Work So Man Drags It into an Alley and Shoots It

37-year-old Lucas Hinch now stands accused of having fired his weapon within city limits, risks jail time

Quadruple Rainbow Caught on Camera Shinning Bright in the Sky

The rare quadruple rainbow was photographed by a woman named Amanda Curtis, the picture is now making the rounds

Woman Claims to Have Found a Cockroach in Her McDonald's Big Mac

Actually, the New Zealand woman only found half a cockroach, might have eaten the missing part of the insect's body

Coffee-Addict Parrot Desperate for a Fix Accused of Causing Car Crash

Woman drives her car into a guardrail, says she lost control of the wheel because her parrot distracted her

Healer Pulls Out All 19 of a Patient's Teeth to Boost His Virility

The patient was mentally ill, believed his teeth were poisonous and were, therefore, upsetting energy flows in his body

This Guy and His Daughter Have the World's Absolute Widest Tongues

Byron Schlenker's tongue measures 3.37 inches (8.55 centimeters) across, it's amazing it fits inside his mouth

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