Watch: Worm Puking Freaky Appendage Will Scar You for Life

This bizarre creature, identified as a ribbon worm, might just be the most disgusting ever to crawl the Earth

Shark Attacks Man, Gets Beaten Up and So Quickly Swims Away

Bruce Lucas says the shark grabbed him by his arm and tried to drown him, he only escaped because he put up a fight

$19,000 (€17,000) Worth of Cocaine Found Stashed in Man's Undies

The man, identified as Jamaican citizen Romario Lewis, was wearing the undies and so ended up in police custody

There's a Godzilla-Themed Hotel in Tokyo and It's Super Awesome

The hotel, located in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, even has a model of the monster's head fitted on its roof

Adorable Kitten Looks Perpetually Concerned

The miniature feline, now just 8 weeks old, sports two black blotches that look just like eyebrows on his forehead

Odd Medical Condition Makes Man Taste the Sounds He Hears

Englishman James Wannerton says each and every of the sounds he hears leaves a distinct taste in his mouth

Furious Baltimore Mom Filmed Smacking Sense into Her Rioting Son

The young man was throwing rocks at law enforcement officers, his mom didn't approve of his behavior

Insanely Strong Winds in Louisiana, US, Blow Train Cars Off Bridge

Authorities reassure the train cars did not contain any hazardous materials and didn't injure anybody when falling

Teenager Solves Rubik's Cube in 5.25 Seconds, Sets New World Record

The previous record was held by a Mats Valk from the Netherlands, who needed just 5.55 seconds to solve his Rubik's cube

Eerie Human Figure Forms Over Erupting Volcano in Chile

People say the figure was a sign that last week's volcanic eruption was the gods' way to punish people

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