This Woman Is Living with a Hole the Size of a Lemon in Her Brain

Medical experts found the hole when the woman was 26 years old, say there is nothing they can do to fix it

Enclava Is the World's Newest and Absolute Smallest Country

This newly established country between Croatia and Slovenia covers an area of just 93 square meters (1,001 square feet)

It Rained Millions of Itsy Bitsy Spiders in Australia, No Joke

People living in Goulburn in New South Wales claim to have witnessed millions of spiders falling from the sky

Introducing the Trinut, Basically a Donut with Three Holes

Legend has it the trinut is easier to eat than its one-holed sibling, might one day be crowned the best of desserts

Teacher Lets Students Watch “Fifty Shades of Grey” in Class

The teacher had no idea what the movie was about, let the students watch it as a reward for good work

These Folks Will Break Up with Your SO So You Won't Have To

For a measly fee, Sorry It's Over will contact your soon-to-be former sweetheart and let them know that it's all over

North Korea Publicly Executes Defense Chief with Anti-Aircraft Gun

Hyon Yong-Chol is said to have been executed for talking back to leader Kim Jong-Un, falling asleep during a meeting

Game Show Has Contestants Blow Cockroaches into Each Other's Mouth

Why anyone in their right mind would ever want to have a cockroach anywhere near their mouth remains a mystery

“Atomic Wedgie” Murderer Pleads Guilty to First-Degree Manslaughter

In December 2013, Brad Lee Davis got into a fight with his stepfather and killed him by pulling his undies over his head

Student Wants to Run 3,200 Mi (5,150 Km) from California to Maine

The young man hopes to complete his adventure in 100 days, this means he'll have to jog 32 miles (51.5 kilometers) daily

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