People in Drought-Stricken California Are Painting Their Grass Green

The state might be experiencing a historic drought but this doesn't mean folks can stand to have brown lawns

Saudi Arabia Needs More Executioners, Posts Ad and Job Description

The country is looking to hire as many as 8 new executioners, everybody is welcome to apply for the job openings

Watch: Video Illustrates the Fastest Way to Peel Garlic

Simply shove the garlic bulb in a jar, put the lid on, shake the jar around and then enjoy the fruit of your labor

Somebody Actually Invented Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Seats

Dave Reynolds came up with this wacky idea after having badly injured himself trying to get to the loo in the dark

This Woman Is Living with a Hole the Size of a Lemon in Her Brain

Medical experts found the hole when the woman was 26 years old, say there is nothing they can do to fix it

Enclava Is the World's Newest and Absolute Smallest Country

This newly established country between Croatia and Slovenia covers an area of just 93 square meters (1,001 square feet)

Funeral Home Workers Take Veteran's Lifeless Body to Dunkin' Donuts

The hearse driver and the funeral director wanted a cup of coffee, didn't think the dead veteran would mind the detour

Couple Living in Michigan, US, Welcome Their 13th Son in a Row

Jay and Kateri Schwandt have been trying to have a baby girl for about 22 years now, so far no such luck

Ruby Fetches Record $30.3M (€26.8M) at Auction in Switzerland

The ruby was auctioned off together with a pink diamond said to have belonged to Napoleon's niece, sold for more money

US Marine Corps Helicopter Goes Missing in Earthquake-Struck Nepal

The helicopter was carrying a crew of eight at the time when it disappeared, is believed to have crash landed in a river

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