Windows 10 Build 10056 Leaked and Available for Download

A new version of Windows 10 is up for grabs

Look How Easy It Is to Build a Facebook Messenger App for Windows

It takes only three minutes to create the app

Windows 10: Apps, Games, Videos, and Music in Just One Place

Redmond will be offering a single store for everything

This Is the Brand New Windows 10 Recycle Bin Icon, Do You Like It? Updated

Microsoft restyled the Recycle Bin icon in build 10056

Windows 10 Build 10056 Screenshots Leaked, Resizable Start Menu Included

Microsoft adds resizing options to the Start menu

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Build 10049

The company fixes two widespread bugs in this build

Windows 10 RTM to Come with Resizable Start Menu

Microsoft confirms that this option is in the works

Ads on Windows 7 and 8.1 to Get You to Windows 10? Not So Fast

Microsoft will display notifications to upgrade Windows 7

How to Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

If you have an unbootable ISO, here's what you need to do

Microsoft Quietly Deploys Windows 10 Downloader on Windows 7 PCs

Redmond is preparing PCs for Windows 10 upgrades

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