Microsoft Kills Windows Live Mesh

The service will be shut down in February 2013, the company announced

Microsoft Helps Spammers Find Jobs Because Hotmail Blocks 97% of Spam

Microsoft starts new campaign to show that Hotmail was very effective in blocking spam

As Yahoo! Bing Network Debuts, Microsoft adCenter Becomes Bing Ads

New features and improvements deliver a better experience to all customers

Bing Partners with Quora for Expert Info in Search Results

Quora experts and answers will be highlighted in the Social sidebar

New Bing App Available on Windows 8

It offers a fast, streamlined experience to all users

You Can Easily Upgrade from Gmail to, Microsoft says

There are only in 5 easy steps to follow for users without a Microsoft account

New Bird's Eye Imagery Released for Bing Maps

Over 215 TB of new data covering 230,004 square kilometers

SkyDrive App Listing in Windows Store Links to the Desktop Software

Microsoft has updated the Win32 flavor of the app last week

SkyDrive Gets Moodle Plug-In

Files from SkyDrive are now accessible from Moodle

SkyDrive Already Confirmed to Have a New Logo

Other Windows Live services / applications also get a makeover

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