Microsoft Updates Windows App Studio with New Themes and Image Wizard

You can now create better Windows Phone apps in a browser

Microsoft Creates Technology That Could Make Eye-Typing Available to All

Redmond has recently patented the tech at the USPTO

Microsoft Launches Band App for Mac OS X Users

Redmond hopes everyone would give its device a try

Skype for Windows Updated with New UI – Photo Gallery

A new preview version of the app is available for download for those running Windows on their desktops

Adobe Flash Player Released for Download

A new version of the Flash Player is available for users

Skype for iPhone 5.4 Released with Group Audio Calls

Talk to multiple friends at the same time using Skype for iPhone

Microsoft Issues New Update Reminder for Skype Users

The company will discontinue old versions of the app later this year

Microsoft Launches Skype 5.2 for iPhone

A new version of the Skype client is available for iPhone owners

Microsoft Shows Some Love for Apple Users, Launches Skype 5.1 for iPhone

A new version of the Skype client is up for grabs for iPhone owners

Microsoft Launches OneNote Clipper for Google Chrome Extension

Save websites to OneNote with just a single click in Google Chrome

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