Security Expert Explains Why “Every Windows Version Is More Secure than the Previous Version”

Windows 8.1 is said to be the most secure version to date

Graph Shows That Non-Microsoft Software Makes Your Devices Vulnerable

Microsoft shows that its software isn't always responsible for making your devices vulnerable to attacks

Microsoft: Latest Versions of Windows Are More Secure Against Malware

It's harder to infect Windows systems these days

Microsoft Now Paying Up to $15,000 for a Security Bug in Windows 10’s Spartan Browser

Redmond launches new bug bounty program for Spartan

Virginia Voting Machines Use Windows XP Last Updated in 2004, Protected by Password “admin”

All systems have been decertified and will be replaced

Microsoft Finally Takes Down Pirated Windows 2000 Source Code After 11 Years

GitHub has removed the source code from its page

Windows 10 Antivirus Gets Cloud Protection, Auto Sample Submission

Windows Defender becomes more powerful in Windows 10

Google Security Engineers Again Help Microsoft Fix Software Vulnerabilities

Michal Zalewski provides documentation to Microsoft

Lenovo Swears All Its Windows 10 PCs Will Be Completely Clean

The Chinese firm tries to recover after the Superfish fiasco

Windows Is No Longer the Most Vulnerable Operating System in the World

Stats show that Windows security is getting stronger

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