Microsoft’s Bing Is Becoming the Search Rival Google Never Wanted

Data shows that Bing is growing bigger in the US

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code for Linux, Mac, and Windows

Redmond releases its first cross-platform editor

Microsoft Building an Email Service with App Support will soon get support for apps

Microsoft Releases New OneDrive API, Allows Devs to Add Cloud Support in Apps

OneDrive support can now be added to all apps

Microsoft Kills Facebook and Google Chat Support in

Consumers already like Skype more, the company says

Microsoft Adds Downloadable HD Wallpapers to Bing Homepage

The company revamps search engine page with HD photos

Microsoft OneDrive Blocked in China

Several services are experiencing issues in the country

Microsoft Boosts Free OneDrive Storage to 15GB, Makes 1 TB Unbelievably Cheap

Redmond has made some pretty big changes to its cloud-based storage service

Microsoft Doesn't Care About Google's Domination in Search, Says Bing Is Clearly Superior

The company has no intention to sell off the Bing division

Microsoft Releases Major OneDrive Update

Five new features are now available for users of the cloud-based storage service

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