Microsoft Edge Browser Is Blazing Fast Thanks to Intel

Intel contributed to the development of Edge browser

Microsoft Edge Scores Better than Chrome and Firefox in JavaScript Benchmarks

Edge becomes the fastest 64-bit browser on the market

Microsoft Abandons the Technology That Made Internet Explorer So Easy to Hack

ActiveX won’t be supported in Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft: Just Look How Secure Our New Browser Is Compared to Internet Explorer

Edge is Redmond’s new browser for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Browser on Linux and Mac? Not Going to Happen, Microsoft Says

Microsoft says its browser will first work on Windows 10

Microsoft’s Soon-to-Be-Killed Internet Explorer Still Ahead of Chrome in Browser Usage Stats

Market share data shows that IE is still number one

Microsoft Disables Do Not Track by Default in Windows 10

Spartan browser will come with DNT turned off

How Microsoft Plans to Silently Kill Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Internet Explorer will be replaced with Spartan

Korean Government Wants to Kill Microsoft's ActiveX Once and for All

South Korean govt to provide financial support for ActiveX replacement on up to 100 sites operated by state departments

Internet Explorer Has More than Double the Market Share of Google Chrome

Stats show that IE's market share stays strong these days

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