Microsoft Smartwatch Concept Brings Windows 8 on Your Wrist

Windows Wear 8.1 imagined in new concept

New Microsoft Smartwatch Possible Features Revealed

Microsoft is working on new features for its first wearable device that's expected to be released next year

Microsoft Sport Smartwatch Concept: Too Good to Be True

Designer creates a new interpretation of Microsoft’s upcoming smartwatch

Microsoft to Build Smart Cities in China

Despite the local trouble, Microsoft is looking to continue investments in China

Microsoft Working on Google Chromecast Rival

FCC documents show that Microsoft is developing its own dongle

Microsoft Brings the Internet of Things to the London Underground

Redmond is working with partners to create a monitoring system

Microsoft Patents Gesture-Based Keyboard for PCs

The company is getting ready to introduce a new technology for PC users

Cortana Will Be Able to Dim Your Lights or Turn On the TV

Insteon is adding support for Microsoft's personal assistant

Microsoft Develops Ultra-Smart New AI That Can Tell Dogs Apart

The new tech was demoed with the help of personal assistant Cortana

Microsoft Patents Rich Presentation Taskbar Buttons, Could Improve Them in Windows 9

Redmond has recently filed a patent for the old Windows version

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