Linux Kernel LTS Brings x86, Networking, and File Systems Improvements

All users of the 2.6 kernel series must upgrade

Introducing Tessel 2, a $35 Open-Source IoT Development Board That Runs Linux

A development platform for the web embeddable in a product

elementary OS "Freya" Finally Gets Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

A new update has been released for elementary

NTFS-3G Vulnerability Closed in Ubuntu 15.04

Users need to upgrade their system to fix it

Ubuntu Touch to Get Improved Desktop Mode with Next Update

The developers are working on a new patch

Vivaldi Web Browser Gets New Update and Options

A new version of Vivaldi has been released

FUSE Exploit Closed in All Ubuntu OSes

Users need to upgrade the system as soon as possible

Developer Implements Netflix in SteamOS

This new functionality is still in the works

Canonical Partnership with Cloudbase Provides Windows Hyper-V Support for OpenStack

The cloud is getting more and more interconnected

Surprise Attack Ultra Mega Pack Offers 12 Linux Games at Ridiculous Price

The promotion for the games will expire in a few days

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