Precise Puppy 5.5 RC Distro Is Based on Linux Kernel 3.2.29 PAE

This version of Puppy can be downloaded from Softpedia

Star Trek-like Functional Tricorder Built with Raspberry Pi

The tricorder is loaded with a lot of useful sensors

Suspicious “World’s First Ubuntu Tablet” Available for Pre-Order

Canonical has yet to comment about this particular offer

Rygel 0.17.9 MediaServer Is Available for Download

As usual, the latest release comes with many updates and changes

PyGObject 3.8 Beta 2 Fixes Many Memory Leaks

This is a development release that fixes various issues and bugs

Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities Plugged in Ubuntu 11.10

Users of Ubuntu 11.10 have been asked to update as soon as possible

Linux Kernel 3.2.40 LTS Officially Released

The latest version of this kernel branch can be downloaded from Softpedia

XOrg Server 1.14.0 Gets Touch Device Improvements

The new version was released a day after Canonical announced its Mir plans

Google Chrome 27.0.1430.0 Dev for Linux Improves Menu Border

All three Google Chrome branches can be downloaded from Softpedia

4MLinux Game Edition 5.1 Features Hexen FPS and Commodore C64 Emulator

A few other old games are included in the distribution

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