£9.5M ($15.9M/€11.7M) Sea Simulator Opens at Edinburgh University

The simulator will serve to test wave, offshore wind, and tidal power devices

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Toxic Gulf 2014

The campaign will document the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

April Was the 350th Month in a Row with Above-Average Temperatures

This year's April exceeded the 20th century average by 0.77 degrees Celsius

Oil Company Carves Access Road in Ecuador's Yasuni National Park

Satellite images indicate the company has also cut more trees than allowed to

Denver Zoo Now Home to Three Adorable Clouded Leopard Cubs

Keepers say the cubs are named Pi, Rhu, and Saya, are all as cute as a button

Greenpeace Anti-Fracking Protesters Pay David Cameron a Home Visit

The environmentalists pretended to turn the Prime Minister's home into a fracking site

Meerkat Pups Make Their Public Debut at UK's Chester Zoo

The pups were born earlier this year, are all healthy and active

Adorable Baby Pygmy Hippo Born at Zoo in Portugal

The young hippo is in good health, well looked after by its mom

Direct Conversion of Biomass to Biofuel Made Possible by Bacterium

The engineered bacterium promises to make biomass-based fuels more popular

$48 Trillion (€35.2 Trillion) Needed to Meet Future Energy Needs

The money must all be invested in the energy sector by the year 2035, IEA explains

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