Americans Eat Whopping Amounts of GE Food

On average, people in America feast on 193 pounds (87.5 kg) of “frankenfoods” per year

Halloween Pirate Costumes for Girls Get Recalled

The costumes came from China, contained dangerous amounts of lead

David Beckham Draws Attention to Stunted Children

Solutions are well within reach, the celebrity argues

Reforming EU Fisheries Can Yield Major Financial Benefits, New Study Shows

Current fishing practices are “bankrupting our oceans”

At Least 5 People Die Following a Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

A total of 35 people became sick, most likely due to contaminated injectable steroid

Land Sold Off Over the Past 10 Years Could Feed One Billion People

Modern society's land rush is causing hunger in poorer countries, Oxfam warns

Further Reducing Chemical Risks Is Crucial in Avoiding Human Deaths, Argues the UN

1 million people die on a yearly basis because of industrial and agricultural chemicals

Trout in the Iberian Peninsula Will Disappear in Less Than a Century

Climate change and habitat loss are to be held responsible, study argues

Greenhouses the Size of Skyscrapers Could Help Fight Off Potential Food Crisis

Such buildings might feed 30,000 people on a yearly basis, argues Swedish company

Climate Change Could Determine Spike in Food Prices, Argues Oxfam

New report warns about the effects of global warming on food costs

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