FDA Shuts Down Major Peanut Butter Processor

Sunland Inc.'s peanut butter was linked to a salmonella outbreak on US soil

Air Pollution Ups the Risk of Autism

Poor air quality often goes hand in hand with this medical condition, new study says

10 Minutes of Carpooling with a Smoker Ups Pollutants Exposure by 30%

Pollutants concentrations are worse than in bars and casinos, new study shows

Certain Jobs Up the Risk of Breast Cancer, New Study Says

The highest rates for breast cancer are found in heavily industrialized countries

Frito-Lay Rolls Out Caffeinated Cracker Jacks

Regular folks and specialists are worried about how this will affect children

New Pepsi Refresher Fights Off the Extra Pounds

“Pepsi Special” supposedly helps people lose weight, is the world's first “healthy” soda

McDonald's Reveals the Secrets Behind Their French Fries

The manager for McDonald's Canada takes people on a “farm to fryer” journey

Banana Boat Sunscreen Gets Recalled After Consumers Literally Ignite

These sun care products can make people catch fire, specialists say

Poor Decisions Can Be Linked to CO2 Exposure

High levels of carbon dioxide negatively impact on reasoning

Hunger Affects 1 in 8 People Worldwide, the UN Says

870 million individuals presently suffer from malnutrition

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