Jennifer Lawrence Upsets PETA with Squirrel Comment

Animal rights group issues scathing statement to put actress back in her place

PETA Blasts Liam Neeson for Eating Wolf Meat Stew

Animal rights group issues yet another statement to urge for boycott of “The Grey”

Jessica Alba's Honest Co Line Is Both Green and Affordable

Mom of two reaches out to other moms, offers to help out

Levi's Ditches Wood and Paper Products from Endangered Forests

Levi's could no longer collaborate with paper suppliers blamed for destroying rainforests

The Taliban Compromise Forests to Back Their Missions

Illegal timber trade encouraged by the Taliban is destroying forests in Pakistan

4,000 Pay-As-You-Go Solar Units to Be Sent to Africa

The new solar units, cheaper than kerosene lamps, will improve the lives of Africans

Golden Globes 2012: The Exquisite Menu Raises Controversy

Global Green U.S.A notes that the imported ingredients have a high carbon footprint

More Disabled Children Because of Pesticide Abuse

An alarming number of disabled children is linked to endosulfan contamination in India

Animal Testing to Be Curbed Due to Nanosensors

Nanosensors establishing the state of health of cells could soon replace animal testing

The Olympic Site Courted by Eco-Friendly Farmers

Farmers plan to transform the Olympic site into a giant urban garden after the games

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