Lockitron Intros the Deadbolt You Can Control by Phone

Called simply the Bolt, it will replace your normal lock

With This Mouthpiece, the Deaf Can “Lick” Sound

If the ears don't work, the tongue will pick up the slack

Make Pencils Out of Random Waste Paper with This Single Device

It's basically a sheet of paper rolled up really tight

Century-Old Typewriter Can Join Modern Chat Rooms

A student from Plymouth University modified it

Cute Axent Wear Headphones Will Make You Look like a Glowing Kitty Cat

If you love cats, these headphones are definitely for you

Use a Forcefield Against Rain with the Air Umbrella

A battery powers a motor and fan to deflect water drops

MIT Invents Sensory Fiction, a Wearable Book That Makes You Feel What Characters Are Feeling

As the plot develops, it produces physical sensations according to characters' emotions

Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband Lets You Control Your Dreams, Monitors Sleep

The Aurora Project is an interesting project worthy of being put to the test

The Vigo Headset Prevents You from Falling Asleep in Public

The technology is mounted on the user’s head to keep track of eye blinks and movements

Virtual “Mother” Reminds You to Take Your Medicine and Water the Plants

For those of us who are a tad forgetful, “Mother” is the perfect companion

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